It's a knockout Barcelona

At It's a knockout Barcelona we perform all kinds of fun tests where we prioritize fun and where participants have to overcome different challenges.

What sets it apart from other similar games is that participants are having fun during the development of the activity and this way not only do the people who perform the tests have a great time but also the companions and spectators.

Total wipeout Bcn performs all the tests with the maximum safety measures and all the inflatables have the necessary approvals.

Activities include gymcanas, spectacular inflatables, water activities (from March to October), winter activities (from November to February), fun shows and an impressive American track. All in an unbeatable environment.

Some of the tests you'll find in It's a knockout Barcelona are: Mechanical bull, Giant Waka Mole, Musical Mans, American Inflatable Extreme Track, "Rollovers" Yellow Humor, Double Pick up, Wipe Out, Heroes Fight, Summo Fight Twin, Salta la Torre, Gimcana Challenge, Traditional game: Strip the String (on slippery floor), Track Ninja Course (includes water activities), Splash, Water elastic beds, Waterfalls, The Wall, Hands musicals, Soap Hockey and much more

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